Case Study: Affiliate Program Management

Establishing a New Revenue Channel From Affiliates

10,033 Affiliate Referrals

20% of Total Revenue

Brand Mentions & Link Growth

Case study company

Rankbreeze helps vacation rental property managers get better search visibility from the Airbnb platform. Airbnb SEO, in a nutshell.

Industry: Property Management

Type of Business: SaaS

Affiliate Program Management

Revenue, Branding & SEO

Highlights of Our Work

10,033 Driven by Affiliates

Affiliate Leaderboard

The image above represents the affiliate leaderboard for Rankbreeze. It isn’t shared with the affiliates but is simply an idea of the stream of clicks Rankbreeze has received over the past years with us.

20% of Total Revenue

Once the program started to snowball, other affiliates would start signing up and eventually, the revenue attributed from affiliates was 20% of gross revenue.

Brand Mentions & Link Growth

Working with affiliates can be challenging. The best approach we’ve found is to strategize and execute campaigns with them. This helps spread brand mentions across multiple pieces of content that is ultimately shared with the affiliates audience and network.

What’s Required for a Prosperous Affiliate Program?

  • Active affiliates
  • Support systems
  • Strategies for a win-win situation (the toughest part!)

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