Case Study: Managed SEO

How a cannabis company tripled Revenue & Google traffic by 5X

Ranking For 1,520 searches

Attracting 11,000 visitors/mo

Reaching revenue to $24,000/week

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"KB" helps cannabis users find the best strains available, with speedy delivery to local Canadian markets.

Industry: Cannabis

Type of Business: eCommerce

Managed SEO Services

Strategy, Content & Links

How KB Tripled their revenue & visitors with Wiredxl

Today, we’ll be highlighting how one of our clients, a new eCommerce company called KB, has become a top contender in the highly competitive cannabis sector.

This was all while starting with zero brand awareness and in an industry where it’s difficult to advertise.


With a limited ability to advertise their products, KB’s primary source of new customers is through search engines.

Knowing that search is a core part of any healthy businesses marketing strategy so they reached out to the SEO experts at WiredXL.

Attracting a consistent stream of target customers to their site

Cannabis marketing case study


  • Search engine visitors increased by 500% in just 6 months, from 2,200 to 11,000 visitors per month.
  • Simultaneously, weekly revenue in May went from $6,000 to $24,000 by November.
  • Largest #1 ranking positions have a search volume of 2,900/mo, 1,000/mo, and 210/mo.
  • Ranking for a total of 1,520 search terms.
  • Websites linking directly to KB grew by 688%, from 51 to 351 links in 7 months.
KB PR Growth


Utilized Competitor Traffic

Before coming onboard with WiredXL, KB had minimal content and it wasn’t enough to get noticeable results to overtake existing competitors in search results.

We targeted keywords that KB’s competitors were already ranking for, identified what was missing on KB, and cross-referenced hidden keyword opportunities.

Beyond great research for new content, we also pitched articles to fellow bloggers to generate additional attention from websites with existing Cannabis users.

Our strategy at WiredXL was to leverage where we knew KB could get new customers.

Produced High-Quality & Localized Content

KB only distributes their products in Canada so we needed to localize the content to speak to Canadians and be sure we were going to rank in where they ship.

Equipped with our standard operating procedures around creating localized Canadian content, we were set to dominate local searches.

Applied an Evolving SEO Strategy

Each piece of content has a unique role to play and the planning of our strategy is always evolving.

At first, we looked at gaps where KB wasn’t ranking but their competitors were. Once we filled those gaps, we needed to continuously leverage the ongoing momentum and make data-driven decisions.

We achieved this through careful content planning, precise internal linking, and consistently reviewing search data.

That’s the complete story of how KB grew from a newcomer in the competitive Cannabis landscape to becoming a dominant search leader with the help of WiredXL and our SEO services.

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